Auto Direct Debit Posting

If you use the Auto Payment Config function, you’ll have noticed that any early ones carried through last month before you had a chance to close December down.  This is because most businesses resumed work on the 4th day of January, so all payments scheduled for the first four days will have been entered when you first logged on    either on or after their due date, i.e., before you’ve had chance to either log on or do the month end.

It might therefore be an idea to suspend early payments on the last working day of a month, then reactivate them when the month end is finished.  Logging into Blue Tuesday will trigger any postings outstanding as at “today’s” date, so they’ll be there when you come to post the next month’s work unless you alter the last paid date.

If you’re not using Auto Payments, it’s a very simple function to use and will input scheduled payments, including any VAT element, on the noted day.  Have a look for Auto Payment Config in the Admin tab.

To enter a new payment, go to the first line (or first available if you already have some set up), and drop the list down to select which nominal the payment needs to go from, then enter the Pay Day (1 or 4 or 17 or whatever), then the date of the first payment (format 12/02/21), final payment (leave blank if not known), the gross amount, the VAT included amount (if any), the narrative (payee details etc), the date last paid if applicable, and finally the frequency (monthly, quarterly etc). 

Click on the next line down to save the details. 

Your payment will then be posted automatically when you log into Blue Tuesday on or as soon after the date the payment is/was due.

These details can be changed at any time.

If you need to suspend a payment, click in the Pause box at the far right of the second line of the payment.  That will stop any payments being posted until you take the Pause tick out, but you may need to alter the last paid date if the payment/s didn’t go through or if you manually entered them.

This function could also be used to note regular payments as a reminder for future postings as the nominal and vat type/amount information is stored, but hold each entry on suspend if you don’t want it to auto post.